An application to display the output from the target microcontrollers SWO pin. This application connects with the RPi based SWorD Server which is connected to the target microcontroller.


Download the SWorD Client installer package and see here how to install.


SWorDSWO [<options>]

-locate[:<programmer name>]

If <programmer name> is supplied then the application will attempt to find the named programmer on the network and report its IP address. If no programmer name is supplied, then the application will search for any programmers present on the network.

-probe:<programmer address>

Attempts to connect to the programmer <programmer address> on the network and display the information from the SWO pin.

<programmer address> can be the name of the programmer (recommended) or the IP address. Sometimes firewalls on the network interfere with the automatic discovery process and the only way to work around it is to use the IP address of the programmer.

-out:<file path>

Dumps all SWO output for a file. Once the file reaches a certain size (approximately 1MB), the file is renamed and ‘,1’ appended to the name and a new file is opened.


Controls whether the application logs or not. a value of 0 (default) means no logging and a value of 5 means full logging.

On windows, log files are generated in:


Log files are managed by the application and are automatically deleted.


Can’t locate the named programmer on the network

Try the application with locate to see if it reports any programmers on the network.

Is the firewall blocking discovery messages. Try to disable it or allow the application access to the network.

Try connecting using the programmers IP address instead of its name.

Check the programmer server is running on the RPi.

Can’t connect to the programmer using either its name or IP address

Check the programmer server is running on the RPi.

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