BL652 Adapter – nRF52832 breakout board


A breakout board for the popular nRF52832 Bluetooth enabled SoC. Comes complete with built in chip antenna and crystal circuit, no further components are required to start experimenting with it. Provides full access to all of the features of the nRF52832.

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A dual inline package containing a BL652 module for use during prototyping or in home built devices. The package pins are spaced at 0.1″ to allow easy prototyping on both breadboard or stripboard. The package comes complete with chip antenna and crystal circuit meaning no further components are required to get a Bluetooth enabled project up and running.

The BL652 is based on the popular Nordic nRF52832 SoC. All signal pins are exposed allowing you to take full advantage of all of the devices capabilities.

To help get started, see this series of examples on how to get started with the device. The examples cover basic digital and analog IO as well as transmitting data over BLE.

Note: Stripboard shown for illustration purposes only. Not included.

The device is programmed using the ARM SWD protocol and can be programmed using just a Raspberry Pi


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